How to avoid Alzheimer: 10 ways

All people should be concerned with reducing their risk of developing AD.

We know that changes in the brain begin up to 25–30 years prior to symptoms being evident.

To reduce one’s risk:

1) Maintain cardiac health, particularly where cholesterol is concerned. Know the healthy ranges and stay within them. If there is serious cardiac history in your family, consider undergoing tests to determine the shape of the cholesterol cells).

2) Exercise is crucial. There are ranges for ages, sizes, genders, abilities. Just do it.

3) If you are going to eat dairy products they should be full fat, and organic. All dairy.

4) If you are going to eat red meat, eat organically raised, grass fed only (do not finish corn) beef. You will need much less than you think, as it is dense, and can actually help lower your LDL.

5) Eat mostly vegetables. If the skin can be peeled and thrown away, don’t worry about organic. 

6) Stay as stress free as possible. Learn to be calm, to enjoy the moment, to have ways to reduce tension, anxiety, and maintain a peaceful state of mind.

7) Learn to do something new. Something you don’t know anything about at all. Mandarin Chinese? Musical Instrument? Quantum physics? Learn it and learn it well.

8) Do things differently day to day. Routine is a rut. Drive different routes to work, to church, to where ever you go on a daily basis.

9) Stay engaged with society in whatever means you like. Volunteer, join clubs, have a women’s night out, a men’s night out, join a bowling league, a bridge club, a garden club. Do something (or several somethings) to remain engaged with others.

10) Eat well, but don’t overeat. Stop eating sugar. 

Discuss any major change in your routine with your physician. Most will be happy you are taking interest in remaining as healthy as possible.