The 5 Best Benefits of hCG Diet


What Is the hCG Diet?

The hCG diet combines low caloric intake with hCG or human chorionic gonadotropin supplements. This is the hormone that is used to detect pregnancy because it is produced by the embryo to tell the mother she’s pregnant.

It is also created by the body to protect the pregnancy and ensure the child gets enough nutrients through the mother is malnourished or stressed. This realization is what led to the study of hCG in weight loss.

The hCG diet is notable for only allowing 500 calories a day every day for six to eight weeks. On top of this is hCG taken each day. It could be injected or taken orally. The FDA does not approve the shots for use by dieters. This leaves homeopathic hCG products for those who want to try the hCG diet.

The diet itself has many restrictions. You can boil or grill low calorie, lean meats like white fish, chicken, beef and veal. You’re not allowed fatty fish like salmon and tuna. You can eat almost as much lettuce, spinach, chard, beet greens, chard and other green leafy vegetables you want.

Celery, cucumbers, cabbage, asparagus, red radishes, and other low-calorie vegetables are allowed. This is because they contain almost no calories. You can’t drizzle them with oil – oils aren’t allowed.

You’re allowed one piece of bread, no butter allowed. That’s defined as one breadstick or slice of melba toast. You can have a single fruit serving per day of low sugar fruits like apples, strawberries or oranges. Alternatively, you can have a grapefruit.

You’re allowed to consume unlimited amounts of no-calorie beverages as you want. Coffee with a maximum of one tablespoon of milk, tea, and water has no restrictions. You can use sugar substitutes, but no sugar is allowed. Dr. A.T.W. Simeons initially developed the hCG diet plan in 1954.[1]

Now let’s look at the five most significant benefits of the hCG diet.

1. Rapid Weight Loss

Medical studies have found that any deficient calorie diet will cause weight loss. The benefit of hCG added to this is that it helps you burn fat and not feel like you’re starving.

Moreover, you’ll only lose the weight if you stay on the strict diet for the full four to eight weeks called for by your hCG diet plan, and then keep your caloric intake down at a healthy level.

Take the time to eat a large volume and variety of vegetables to get enough vitamins and minerals.

You may need to take vitamins to get enough of certain nutrients, but there is no issue if you continue with calcium supplements or anything else your doctor has prescribed.

Drink plenty of water and other low-calorie beverages to fill your stomach and manage your appetite. Also, unlike a weight loss drug that relies on water pills, you’ll be burning fat.

The hCG weight loss tends to be the fat in and around the middle, too, the belly fat that is otherwise so hard to lose.

Summary: The hCG diet causes significant weight loss you can sustain over weeks.

2. It Is Quite Safe

The high doses of hCG used for fertility treatments can over-stimulate the ovaries and even cause ovarian cysts to rupture. These issues can occur at a dosage level of 5000 to 10000 IU. However, in the hCG diet, it is rare to be given more than 125 IU per day.

Homeopathic versions of hCG can’t overstimulate the reproductive system. The first day or two of the diet involves eating as you usually do while taking the hCG; if you experience any problems, you can stop it immediately.

You won’t mistake changes in your body due to the supplements because you wrote it off as a side effect of a low-calorie diet.

However, you’re not going to face the severe risks that come with some other diets. For example, many stimulant drugs used to suppress appetite can leave you with heart palpitations.

This problem is so bad that it is noteworthy when a diet drug is found not to pose a risk to your heart. [4] That makes the hCG diet much safer to use than many over the counter diet products.

Note that you should not try the hCG diet is pregnant or breastfeeding. If you have a history of cancer, especially reproductive or breast cancer, don’t take hCG, though the restrictive diet itself is safe for you.

If you have gout, kidney disease, heart disease or epilepsy, talk to your doctor before trying this diet. This diet could worsen gallstone formation if you are at risk. If you develop edema, swollen breasts or blood clots, stop taking hCG.

On the flipside, the diet itself is incredibly safe, both with and without hCG supplementation. It is always effective. [2] And this diet is remarkably free of allergens. If you can’t eat gluten, you could eat gluten-free “bread.”

The meat they recommend could theoretically be substituted with the soy-based product, assuming you stay within the caloric limits. If you hate beets, you don’t have to eat beats. If you are allergic to strawberries, have an apple instead.

If you’re allergic to grapefruit or berries, there are half a dozen others you can have. If you can’t eat fish or shellfish, there are several other approved sources of lean protein you can eat. Lean ground beef and sliced turkey could be substituted instead.

Add onions and spices for flavor. If you’re allergic to nuts, there is no problem here because nuts are to be avoided.

You could continue the diet even if you have to stop taking hCG, and you can return to the low-calorie diet to get back on track at any time.

If you shift to a high protein low carb diet after the hCG diet, you’re already used to the low carb diet because starchy vegetables and nearly all bread were banned from your plate for two months.

The near absence of carbohydrates and sugar in the diet will cause people to lose more weight than if they tried to live off diet cookies or saltines and water. [3]

Another benefit of this diverse, healthy diet is that you can eat meals, albeit different than what you’re used to. Serve up a second plate full of salad to sate your appetite.

The heavy dose of fiber is akin to a colon cleanse, but it won’t be as stressful on your system as “colon cleanses.”

You aren’t putting your health at jeopardy the way drinking only water or vinegar would. You aren’t putting yourself at risk the way the favorite weekend water fast would, where you deprive your body of all nutrition and risk dangerously low blood sugar.

Summary: The hCG diet is almost free of allergens, and you can customize the limited diet to avoid foods you’re not allowed to eat. Also, it is safer than some of the other fast weight loss programs.

3. It Reprograms Your Body and Mind

Have you ever been sick enough that your appetite shut down? It is common for the first meal you have once your appetite returns to taste like heaven. After several weeks of salad, fruit and lean protein, that bowl of oatmeal or lean beef soup will taste fantastic.

You’ll enjoy the smell and taste of healthy foods. You’ll be better able to stick to a healthy diet of lean meat, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains because it is a step up from what you’ve been eating.

You’ve also broken old habits like buying a donut with your morning coffee or eating fast food with friends at lunch.

You start to like asparagus with a little cheese, salad with light dressing, and fruit without sugar because you’ve been without the bad stuff for so long.

You won’t crave sweets and over-eat, because you’ll be thrilled to have a baked potato and several ounces of steak.

You’ll have gotten into the habit of eating protein, vegetables, fruit and a single serving of bread with each meal. You’ve trained yourself to eat a balanced meal at every meal.

That won’t happen if you try to lose weight by drinking nothing but carrot juice for two days. Nor do you learn these healthy eating habits if you drink shakes all day with one small meal that is supposed to be healthy.

Summary: This diet will help you learn to love eating a healthy diet and reasonable portions.

4. It May Put Your Diabetes in Remission

If you are taking insulin, consult with your doctor before beginning the hCG diet. However, this diet may be what you need to get off insulin or prevent the development of diabetes in the first place.

A British National Health Service study found that adults on a deficient calorie diet for several months before being reintroduced to a more normal diet were able to lose weight and simultaneously reverse their diabetes. [2]

The more weight you lose and keep off, the higher the odds you’re in remission as defined by blood glucose that falls within normal levels.

Part of this is due to the significant abdominal fat loss; this is the body fat that interferes in the function of the pancreas and liver, contributing to metabolic disorders.

Many of them saw their blood pressure return to normal, as well. The challenge for many is sustaining the significant weight loss that allowed them to reverse their diabetes.

This is where the hCG diet stands out over a liquid diet or shakes – it trains you to eat differently and less when you do.

Summary: The hCG diet may cure your diabetes and prevent you from developing it in the first place.

5. It Could Help You Live Longer

The very low-calorie intake that is part of the hCG diet cannot be sustained over the long-run.

However, getting in the habit of eating less food overall and only eating a healthy diet can help you live longer.

Caloric restriction, living on a much lower calorie diet than the modern world typically delivers, increases longevity in animals, assuming ideal nutrition is still achieved.

The body becomes more efficient and invests more resources in maintaining itself, extending life. [6]

This strategy reduces the rate at which our cells age, slowing or preventing the rise of age-related diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s and heart disease.

This is the flipside of obesity shortening life expectancy. Depending on the study, being overweight can take eight [7] years off your expected life.

This is defined as having a body mass index of 25 to 29.9. If you are obese, you could take up to eighteen years off [8] your life expectancy.

This is classified as having a BMI of 30 or higher, and the most significant risk of premature death is a hundred pounds or more overweight.

The risk of dying from things like cancer, diabetes complications, and heart disease are directly proportional to weight gain. The odds of premature death are compounded even further if you smoke.

However, obesity is as severe as smoking. Those who have class III obesity - defined as having a BMI of 40 or higher - have the same odds of premature death from causes like cancer and heart disease as someone who smokes.

Summary: You can’t afford to carry that extra weight. A program like the hCG diet can help you start to lose the weight and get in the healthy eating habits that help you lose the weight, keep it off, and get back on track so you can live a long, healthy life.

Health Warnings

Women taking hCG through dieting should use contraception because the hCG may increase their odds of getting pregnant.

Tell your doctor you are taking hCG, too, because it could cause pregnancy tests to come up positive though you aren’t pregnant, leading them to assume that any stomach pains are due to an ectopic pregnancy. [5]

This is because the hCG could falsely trigger pregnancy tests, and sonograms are hit and miss in confirming you’re not pregnant.

Moreover, there are a few women whose weight loss plus hCG triggered pregnancy despite being on the birth control pill. For that reason, you should use several forms of contraception while on the hCG diet.


The hCG diet causes rapid weight loss at the onset with far fewer potential complications than other programs intended to help you lose weight fast.

It isn’t something you can maintain for a lifetime, but it can be the foundation for improving your health and living a longer life.