Glucosamine For Bodybuilders: Why Do I Need It?

In the world of bodybuilding, injuries can't be avoided entirely. The joint pains, sore joints and sudden stress in joints are common while exercising or weight lifting. Every bodybuilder wants to keep the joint pains at bay which, if not handled carefully can damage the career as well as the whole bodybuilding regime.


Glucosamine is one of the most common solutions chosen by bodybuilders to avoid any joint pains. It is widely popular and considered safe for regular consumption.

Why is Glucosamine good for Bodybuilders?

Glucosamine is entirely a dietary supplement. It is neither a vitamin nor a mineral. It is derived from the skeletons of crustaceans like shrimps, shells which are high in amino sugar good for bone strength. It is also derived from plants but in irregular cases. So usually the outer shell body is not eaten by people, and therefore Glucosamine is not consumed by people as diet.

More technically the glucosamine can create a chain of GAG, i.e., Glycosaminoglycans, which the bone joints desire and require to maintain its efficiency. It is the essential part of polysaccharides and chitins and chitosan. It is also the vastly found monosaccharide (any of the class of sugars).

How is Glucosamine Supplement Important?

The importance of glucosamine in bodybuilding world is not hidden from anyone. The qualities and nature within glucosamine make it very useful for joint pain relief and strengthening the bones of legs, hand, and neck. It can be said wherever the human body has joints, Glucosamine could be useful for that part.


Glucosamine is known to be useful in building the cartilages of bones which is essential for maintaining the health and condition of healthier joints in the body. Let's understand it in easy words. Our body has different types of bones, and they have lubricants to make it work smoothly for different body actions. Without lubricants, whenever a person, for example, lifts a hand or a leg there will be the pain due to dryness in the joints. The lubricants are produced naturally by the body. The Chondrocytes in the cartilage found within bones produces Glucosamine, which keeps the bones healthy.

This is the same Glucosamine, which is taken as a supplement by the people. Therefore, it is quite natural to understand that it is helpful in maintaining the elasticity of bones.

What are the Benefits of Glucosamine?

As we talked about Glucosamine importance, it is quite useful for bodybuilders who tend to get hurt and injuries during weight lifting and practicing. The tough exercises and heavyweights put a lot of pressure on leg joints and hand joints. These joints tend to weaken and break/fracture. The regular intake of glucosamine in bodybuilding gives the desired elasticity to bones which make them efficient to handle more pressure and stress. At the same time, the pain could be lessened with the regular use of it. Therefore, the bodybuilders can practice regularly without much thinking about joint pains.


Now not only the bodybuilders but aging and ailing people can also include glucosamine in their dietary supplements. It gives the same benefit to them in maintaining the elasticity of the bones. The people suffering from osteoarthritis can benefit a lot from Glucosamine intake. It lessens the pain and improves the efficiency of joints. The arthritis is all about swelling of bone joints and drying up of lubricants. Glucosamine brings back the elasticity by enhancing the lubricant level through producing sugars essential for bone health.

Is There a Single Type of Glucosamine?

No, glucosamine doesn't only come in a single type. The most common form of glucosamine is Glucosamine Sulfate. The Glucosamine Hydrochloride is another form, but is less common and hardly known to people. The Glucosamine is also mixed and combined with chondroitin which makes it more efficient and safer like Glucosamine sulfate. It also includes the benefits of Chondroitin.

How It Can be Taken and What Should be the Dosage?

Glucosamine is available in powder as well as in capsule form. Nowadays it is also available in small bottles, which can be taken directly. The thing is, it can be taken in any way and form. The most important thing that needs to be remembered is that it can be received within the range of 1200 to 2000 milligrams per day. The limit should not exceed over 2000 milligrams. It can react with other medication like anti-cancer drugs. Therefore, it is advisable to take it only after the consultation with a doctor. The doctor can judge the requirement of the body and at the same time could tell the potential side-effects.


The other thing that needs to be taken care of is the original constituent in the product. Sometimes the product does not mention the real quantity of Glucosamine in the product, and people tend to pay much more than the actual worth of the supplement. If anyone is buying the glucosamine, then it should be checked and purchased from a reputed brand avoiding any fake product.


Glucosamine is a reliable solution for joint pains, and weak bones are used for many decades. Many studies were done on its use, efficiency and side effects conclude that it is safe to use when taken under guidance. The very nature of glucosamine has made it popular among bodybuilders, and many have started taking it in the form of glucosamine bodybuilding, which means it is taken explicitly for the purpose of bodybuilding. Glucosamine from being used in the veterinary science in the 1970s has come far for taken as a dietary supplement.

The most important thing to consider while including it in your diet is referring wisely its quality standards and quantity or ratio in any dietary product. It's recommended consulting your physician prior using glucosamine or any other supplement.

Every bodybuilder’s body is unique and different in its own way. Glucosamine consumption, therefore, will differ accordingly from person to person.


Bodybuilding is much like any other sport. To be successful, you must dedicate yourself 100% to your training, diet and mental approach.
— Arnold Schwarzenegger